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Live Workshop with Big Al: How to sell your prospects without giving a single sales presentation.

Your brand-new distributor is shy, untrained, scared of his uncle ...

and now you ask him to sit down, pretend to be a salesman, and read a flip chart to the prospect.

The reality is this: Even though we force our new distributors into making the list of friends, family and prospects - they will never call them. It is just too intimidating.

And it gets worse.

Even if your new distributor gets a chance to read the flip chart to his prospect, is the prospect really listening? Of course not.

The prospect is thinking: "Oh no, another sales presentation. I don't have any money. Bills are piling up. Will the kids call in time? Will Survivor 13 get off Island 17?"

Solve these problems now and make your new distributors instantly productive with a brand new way to do your business. Stop your distributors' pain now. Let's spend three hours to see how the pros do it.

There is a small fee to attend this workshop (to help cover the cost of the meeting room.) Because seating is limited, please reserve your seat online now on our workshop page, or just use the form below.

If you need extra seats for your organization, please let us know. Or call us at +1 (281) 280-9800 to reserve your seat for this training.

Hope to see you there!

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