Tom Big Al Schreiter website. Articles, resources, workshops, audios and training for MLM and network marketers.Tom Big Al Schreiter website. Articles, resources, workshops, audios and training for MLM and network marketers.
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Sponsoring Tips: Free For Beginners

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter

Everything below is free. No catches.


If you do network marketing for a hobby, or if you are just beginning, you will find plenty of ideas, tips, and training below, and on the continuing pages. (The list of free resources does not stop at the bottom of this page, so make sure to click the "More Headlines" link.)

I know you'll love the great ideas you receive by reading the articles and taking the mini-courses.

Why are all these resources free?

Because after learning some of the skills below, you will become convinced that network marketing (MLM) is the career for you.

So when you decide to make your network marketing business more than just a hobby, we know that you'll want to be a member of is a membership site only for professional network marketers who want to earn a really good part-time check, a full-time check, or the big money available in network marketing. We help network marketers "stop the pain" and learn exactly what to say and exactly what to do to move their careers forward F-A-S-T !

If you want to know more about becoming a member of, just click here.

Want 7 mini-reports of amazing, easy sentences
that create new, hot prospects?

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Big Al libros en Español
Big Al libros disponibles en Español . . . Keep Reading
27 Key Questions for Targeted Networking Leads.
When you spend good money for targeted networking leads, you'd better find out what makes them tick. Talk to them, and find out what is important to them about a "work from home" opportunity. A . . . Keep Reading
Test your Multilevel Marketing IQ.
Think you know MLM? . . . Keep Reading
Free Mini-Course: The Six Levels of Communication.
You have to talk to prospects, so why not give yourself the best . . . Keep Reading
Five great "Ice Breakers" you can use now.
There are hundreds of different great "Ice Breakers" and opening sentences. The best part is, many of them are based on great formulas and templates. Here are five "Ice Breaker" open . . . Keep Reading
You are only a couple of sentences away from terrific success in your network marketing career.
At my "live" workshops, I ask the attendees . . . Keep Reading
77 Free Tips from Big Al
Hot prospecting ideas . . . Keep Reading
Are You Walking Past A Fortune? (UK version)
A terrific mini-booklet that convinces your prospects that they should collect a network marketing check. . . . Keep Reading
Take the Worthless Sponsor Test.
Just how worthless could a sponsor be? . . . Keep Reading
The best ad I have seen in the last five years!
Do you want to see an ad . . . Keep Reading
We are not solution pushers. We are problem solvers.
Most people think of selling . . . Keep Reading
Are You Walking Past A Fortune?
A terrific mini-booklet that convinces your prospects that they should collect a network marketing check. . . . Keep Reading
13 "gotcha's" Big Al learned this year.
Caution: Humor. 1. I've learned that you cannot make prospects join your opportunity. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in. 2. I've learned that your family an . . . Keep Reading
Six things you can do now to get more prospects.
Prospecting is the lifeblood of our business. Failing to learn this skill will punish us the rest of our careers. You can't buy prospecting skills by purchasing leads (names of strangers), you c . . . Keep Reading
Seven innocent questions that focus prospects to make decisions.
You are sitting across the prospects' kitchen table. They are afraid to make a decision. They're thinking: "We don't want to make a mistake." "What if we make the . . . Keep Reading
Why Eating in Australia is an Adventure - Part One.
The famous "Pie Cart" in Adelaide, Australia. In 1993 I watched a travel show that featured the "Pie Cart" of Adelaide. Now, every trip to Adelaide ends up at my fa . . . Keep Reading
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